Hair Integration System

I specialise in all forms of hair loss including hair thinning, Alopecia, Trichotillomania and many more. The integration system is made and designed intricately by a fully qualified specialist and guarantees no corners are cut with quality assured.


The Hair Integration system is a semi-permanent non-surgical form of hair replacement. Your own hair is integrated through a custom built mesh, then human hair is added to replicate and seamlessly blend with your own hair. This innovative system can be tailored to add significant volume, length or both!


The most satisfying part is being able to complete everyday tasks and forget you even have it fitted. You can wash your hair, swim, go running or attend the gym. Almost anything that has seemed like a limitation before, will be natural and easy with the integrated system.

I welcome all female clientele to contact Jenny Wrens for a free no obligation consultation. I will help you make an informed decision based on need, preference and budget.

Covering heads with crowns of glory is my speciality!!

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